Secretary's Desk

          Everybody comes to this world to play his role prefixed in his lot. I cannot but to execute my thoughts into action. “Purna Vikash Central School” is an outcome of above. The society always pining for the greatest good of the greatest number. The pace of the society is fast, if we can’t run along with it, we will be lagging behind. As a result of this our effort clutches around the innovation engulfing us. Our attention focuses on newer and newer skills in attaining updated trend. We enjoy working together with a team spirit.
          Our school devotes to explore the sacredness in the field of learning to meet the long felt need of the society. The school is committed to provide the appropriate ground environment with the availability of latest modern infrastructural facilities. The management gives a serious thought in selecting teaching staff having their competency in motivating and guiding the children with their constant proximity. What is most important is to encourage in growing a close relationship between Guru and Sishya. This process helps in meaningful Teaching-Learning process in congenial atmosphere of comfortable living so that the hidden original talent might be explored.

            Maximum effort is made from ourselves to encourage the children to be self dependent, visionary leaders and talent moulded into practicability. We encourage students, teachers, administration and parents to play an active role in promoting educational excellence. The school management calls for the sincere help and co-operation of the guardians concerned in this regard.

-Dream School-

-  Jugal Chandra Kakoty